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Cervical Length Scan

Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare in Belgravia and Dulwich, London, offers cervical length scans, a crucial screening tool to assess the risk of preterm birth. This simple, non-invasive procedure is particularly important for women with a history of early labour or certain pregnancy complications.

Understanding Cervical Length Scans

Cervical length scans involve measuring the length of the cervix using transvaginal ultrasound technology. Typically performed between 16 and 24 weeks of gestation, these scans are vital for predicting the risk of premature birth, especially in women with previous preterm deliveries or multiple pregnancies.

Our Diagnostic Approach

  • Specialised Sonographic Assessment: Conducted by experienced sonographers using high-resolution transvaginal ultrasound machines.
  • Personalised Care and Consultation: Each scan is followed by a personalised consultation to discuss the results and possible preventive interventions.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: For at-risk pregnancies, repeated scans may be recommended to monitor changes in cervical length.
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    Benefits of the Cervical Length Scan

    • Risk Assessment: Provides an accurate measure of the risk of preterm birth.
    • Preventive Strategies: Enables the implementation of preventive measures such as progesterone supplements or cervical cerclage if necessary.
    • Peace of Mind: Offers reassurance to expectant mothers, especially those with a history of cervical insufficiency.

      What to Expect During Your Scan

      • Non-invasive Procedure: The scan is quick and painless, taking just a few minutes.
      • Immediate Results: Results are typically available immediately after the scan, allowing for swift decision-making and implementation of any necessary treatments.